Change (Osho)

1. Existence knows only one thing which is unchanging, and that is change.
 2. The only thing that is absolutely real is your consciousness. Everything else goes on changing. That which goes on changing is an appearance — don’t get identified with it. You are the unchanging divine, you are the unchanging godliness.
 3. Just be a witness of the body, of the mind and of everything. This witnessing is the only thing which is eternal in existence. Everything is changing. Just the reflecting witness remains here and now without any change. This is the very center of existence.
 4. For the intelligent people the changing world is the right world — because intelligence wants new excitements, new challenges, new ecstasies.
 5. In the world, everything goes on changing. The name and the fame is just a soap bubble. It may become very big — the bigger it becomes, the more dangerous, because it is going to burst soon.
 6. That is why, in a very changing world, people become uprooted; their lives become anxious. This was not so in past ages. Man was more silent – not so really, but he appeared more silent because the state of affairs around him was so static and the mind was not in much conflict. Now everything is changing so fast, and the mind cannot change so fast. Mind clings to the past, and everything changes every moment. That is why there is so much anxiety in the West.
 7. My whole approach is that things are constantly changing, nothing is fixed. So I cannot say to you that this thing particularly is right, and that thing particularly is wrong. In a different context, things will be different. So it is better to give you an awareness which will decide spontaneously, moment to moment, what is right and what is wrong. You should not be dependent on scriptures dead and old, and you should not be dependent on saints — either dead or alive! You should be simply free in your awareness and let your own awareness respond to reality as it comes — and reality is continuously changing.
 8. This whole world is just name and form. Everything is changing: the child becoming the adult; the adult becoming the old man; life turning into death; birth turning into death; health turning into disease; disease turning into health — everything is changing. Even opposites are not really opposites, because they can change into one another. The north becomes the south, the south becomes the north. The east is also the west, and the west is also the east. It depends. It depends on where you are looking.
 9. Just to understand that life is made of the same stuff as dreams are made of is the essence of the way. Detachment: live in the world but don’t be of the world. Live in the world but don’t let the world live within you. Remember that it is all a beautiful dream, because everything is changing and disappearing. Don’t cling to anything. Clinging is the cause of our being unconscious. If you start unclinging a tremendous release of energy will happen within you. And that energy that was involved in clinging to things will bring a new dawn to your being, a new light, a new understanding, a tremendous unburdening — no possibility of any misery, agony, anguish.
 10. The question is not how to change ugliness into beauty, how to change pain into pleasure, how to change misery into happiness. No. The question is how to change the unconscious into conscious, the unenlightened attitude into the enlightened attitude — how to change your inner world of being, how to attain to life-affirmative values and drop life-negative values.
 11. Remember, life is always uncertain. Everything dead is certain, life is always uncertain. Everything dead is solid, fixed – its nature cannot be changed; everything alive is moving, changing – a flow, a liquid thing, flexible, able to move in any direction. The more you become certain, the more you will miss life. And those who know, know life is God. If you miss life, you miss God.
 12. Everything is changing if you look at life. If you watch life, then Heraclitus is right: you cannot step in the same river twice, because the river is constantly flowing, changing. Old Heraclitus says: The ONLY thing that never changes is change. Only change is constant, otherwise everything is changing.
 13. Don’t think of changing jobs, actions; think of changing the quality of your consciousness. Be more loving to yourself. The first thing to remember is to be more loving to yourself. The moralists have poisoned the whole world. They say, `Don’t love yourself. This is selfishness.’ They say, `Love others, don’t love yourself. The love of the self is sin.’
 14. Buddha’s definition of the existent is “that which always remains the same.” There is only one thing that is existent, and that is the witnessing self, the witnessing consciousness. It remains always the same… past, present, future, from eternity to eternity, it is the same. This is the only existent thing. Everything else changes; every moment it is changing, and that which is changing is nonexistent. It does not mean that it is not there; it simply means that while you are seeing it, it is already changing. While you are listening to me, you are already changing — your death is coming closer.
 15. This world is ephemeral. The word `nonexistent’ in Buddha’s philosophy simply means “that which is ephemeral, that which goes on changing” — you cannot rely on it. The only thing you can rely on is your witnessing consciousness. It never changes. It is the very center of the cyclone.
 16. Only one thing belongs to you in this whole experience: that is the watcher, the witness. Who is witnessing the fragileness, the ever-changing flux of personalities? Who is watching the shaking of the roots? Certainly he is beyond all of it. That beyondness is yours. That beyondness is you. That is your individuality, that is your being. Settle in that witnessing, and all that you are feeling disturbed by will disappear.
 17. What you see in the world is not the reality, but only an appearance. Deep behind the appearance, the mask, is the reality. To know the reality you have to be free from appearances. And all your attachments prevent you; you become attached to the mask. We rarely grow and become mature. We just go on changing our toys. We remain children; we go on changing our teddy bears.
 18. Everything is changing in the world; you cannot find anything in the world which is unchanging unless you go deep within yourself and reach to the very center of your being. There only you will find the center, the center of the cyclone, which remains absolutely unchanging. It is on that very center that the whole change depends, the whole wheel of life and death moves. Without that center, the world will disappear. That center, that unchanging truth is the very foundation of this changing world; it is rooted there. Not to know it is to live a lie which is not worth calling life. Not to know it you will have to go on doing foolish things all your lie in order to give a certain fallacy to yourself of the unchanging truth.
 19. Bodhidharma is saying: Don’t go on changing the subject of your thinking, don’t go on changing the subject matter of your thinking, change your inner space. Let us have a totally different mind, which thinks not, desires not, dreams not. Then you enter into the world of the buddhas.
 20. Existence is uncertain, insecure, dangerous. It is flux — things moving, changing. It is a strange world; get acquainted with it. Have a little courage and don’t look backwards, look forward; and soon the uncertainty itself will become beautiful, the insecurity itself will become beautiful.
 21. Take the risk! In your dream-world nothing is secure, not even your so-called secure job. In your so-called world nothing is certain. The dream-world cannot be certain — it is a flux, everything is changing and moving. Today you are in a secure job, tomorrow you may not be in it. Today you are living with a woman, tomorrow she is gone. Today you have a beautiful child, tomorrow God has taken it back. What is secure here? Except awakening, nothing is secure here. All is just… hallucination, all is just… deceiving yourself, creating newer and newer mirages.
 22. Life is a risk every single moment. How can you live without courage? How can you breathe without courage? The courage is there, but you are unaware. Find the courage, give the responsibility of a personal commitment. Forget about the world and the utopias, and change yourself. And this is the beauty: if you change yourself you have already started changing the world. Because with your change a part of the world has changed. You are an organic part of the world. Even if one part changes, it will affect the whole because the whole is one; everything is related.


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