Creation and luck (Neale)

…there is no such thing as an unlucky number -- such as "13" -- or an unlucky event, such as crossing the path of a black cat. You make your own luck.

Yet luck, in truth, does not exist, if you define "luck" as "unexpected good" emerging "out of thin air" for no apparent reason.  LUCK is an acronym: Love Undergirding Creationist Knowledge.  When you use the knowledge of how to create things in your life ("The Secret"), you must do so from a place of love, never from a place of fear.  Fear pushes what you want away from you.  Love draws it in.

You cannot create healing from an illness, for instance, if you are in fear of the illness itself and seek to create from that place. Nor can you create abundance from a place of money worries.  In either instance, you will have no "luck" at all.  Creation starts from a place of LOVE.  Loving what IS, and loving what is to come!

Got it? Good. Because you know exactly why you heard this today.

Love, Your Friend....


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