Defusion of stress

"Sometimes we believe that we do not remember anything. But the brain does and it records all the events the way they really happened.

A colleague was working with a ten-year-old boy and was defusing the moment of his birth.

'It's pitch-dark in here and I'm digging like a mole.' said the boy.

It only came out later, when the mother told us about the birth, that her water had broken and it took her three days of extraordinary struggle to give birth to her son. This is called a "dry birth".

How apt! 'I'm digging like a mole.' Dry.

Gentle defusion.

The One Brain method is soft, or rather, it's gentle.

When people get too involved in their past events I usually ask them to look at themselves from the outside. It's not like hypnosis: you do not have to feel or go through the same again. Try to see it as if you were watching it on TV or video. You don't have to feel the heat again if you got trapped in a house on fire. It's not good for either of us. Still, there are some with a developed taste for self-pity.

When emotions engulf us our body cannot maintain "discipline" and we burst out crying.

Crying = defusion.

Laughing = defusion.

Yawning = defusion."

Johanna Walter: When you touch me (The secrets of stress defusion)

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