Is it good to live here and now?

Some days ago we were celebrating the birthday of one of our friends and played the so called: „Question salad”:

It means that there are different questions and everyone picks one question and either answers it or passes it.

One of my questions was:

1.If you could chose a historical period to live in, which one would you chose?

First I did not have any idea, but after a round I chose the period when Hungarian king Matthias Corvinus made Vienna the capital of Hungary in 1485. My next thought was that the king died in 5 years and everything fell apart…

And still

*I love renaissance (Matthias's wife Beatrix brought it to Hungary from Italy),

*I highly appreciate the wide-range cooperation to protect the area from the attack of invaders,

*I could visit Matthias Corvinus's library, the Bibliotheca Corviniana,  the  greatest collection of secular books in Europe of that time

so, it does not matter that that the happiness would last 5 years only!

What is the message of the above to my reality?

Do not worry about time…

No matter how long the happiness lasts just relax and enjoy it!

2.The next question was:

If you can chose a historical period from 1700 till now, when would you like to live?

Here I did not need to think at all. The answer was so obvious:


There was no such period in history up to now when

-there were so many possibilities,

-so much freedom,

-more and more awareness

and  in addition to the above the World now is wide open!

Let’s use the tremendous  opportunities of NOW and enjoy every moment of it!

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