An opportunity to transform darkness into light

I want to remind you of 'ANTS', Automatic Negative Thoughts, its amazing how much time and energy we give to them and how little time and energy we do to change them into 'CATS', Conscious Awareness Transformation'. ANTS create darkness CATS create light. This response-ability is the best exterminator of those unproductive insects and can become a fun game. Check it out.

In the depths of your soul you know everything you need to do to achieve personal transformation. While in the womb, you were shown all the secrets of the universe, all of your past life experiences, and—most importantly—the various moments of transformation you need to achieve during your life.

But, to preserve your free will, an angel erased your memory of everything you learned.Create the intention to have the strength, intuition and courage to remember, recognize and embrace all the challenges that you came to this world to conquer. Ask to receive an awareness of your mission in life. Focus on self awareness and self consciousness and re-establish your true value. Understand that you created the person you believe you are as your spiritual challenge, to learn how to transform darkness into light.

Warren Stagg

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