The Real Support

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Recently I was asked by many people:

 How can I really help someone I love?

 Since you are already on that level of awareness that you

 * do not want to tell others what they should do (especially if you are
 not asked)
 * still feel that a little help would be more than useful for the loved


The answer is very simple and effective:

 Trust him/her/them!

 Whenever you remember a beloved person and the related problem, tell
 him/her trough your thoughts:

 "I am confident, I believe and I know that very soon you will find the
 right way!

 I’m supporting you with all my love! "

 This also works in reverse direction!

 If you feel that someone at any cost "wants to help you", in other words
 he/she wants to tell you what to do:

 Whenever you remember this person and the related problem, tell him/her
 through your thoughts:

 "Trust me!"

 and please remember the most important thing: TRUST YOURSELF!

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