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  Greta Balajthy

Ecnomist, teacher, Advanced Facilitator, Advanced  Instructor and Short program Instructor with international certificate officially authorized by 3in1 Concepts.

Developed classes: "Joy of life" and  
"The joyful way of forgiveness"

My certificates and Instructors between 2004-2014.

Between 2010-2020 Supervisory Board Chairwoman of Association of Hungarian Kineziologists

Since 2020 President of Association of Hungarian Kineziologists

Since 2011 member of International Association of Specialized Kineziologists . IASK's board member since 2013. IASK's  vice president 2014-2017.

Since 2012 honorary member of Russian Interregional Professional Association of Kinesiology

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"The problem" is never the problem.
The problem is how we feel about "the problem

 We help people in

 -getting back their openness and ability to attune to changes, so that they can
accomplish their goals.

 -reminding them that we ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE!
(Even if we do not choose anything that means that we have chosen “not
to choose”!)

Change is a process. As Lao-ce says: “Each 1000 km begins with one step”.
 This step is the most difficult to make, but if we see our goal and it
really motivates us, we can use this energy to fulfill our dreams!
Using both of our brain hemispheres we can find our own answers on
“how” to make this happen.

One Brain using (among others):

 -muscle testing (biofeedback form the body shows if something make you
weak or strong)

 -Behavioral Barometer (It shows us the connections between our Conscious state of mind and both the Subconscious as well as our Body awareness (Unconscious))

-Bach, Mao, Perelandra, TAO essences to help to release the past and
concentrate the energy on NOW, build the desired future.

-Structure Functions (help us to recognize the gifts we had given
 ourselves when we were born and the way we can use them for our benefit)

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“It takes 7 days for any anger ‘stress chemicals’
 to be eliminated from  the body”


The title of my webpage „Mosoly 100” in English means „*100 smiles*”.

How do you feel when on a cloudy day the sun suddenly comes out?
How do you feel when someone smiles at you?To me both are the same: a good, warm feeling in my heart!

Originally we are all beautiful and healthy although the pain we
experience during our life leaves its marks on us.
The smile (if it comes from the heart) is the manifestation of the
inside “reparation work”.
Let’s use it!
Let's start right now with a smile, so eventually we can reach up to 100!

A short movie about the power of a smile you can find here!

"The key to success is to focus our
then move into ACTION

The logo symbolizes:
* How colorful people are
* The common ground
* If we are ready to cooperate with each other, we can experience the
Oneness and
*Effectively rule our boat towards the goal we have chosen!

 Good wind! Good luck!


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                                                                                            Greta Balajthy

Kedvenc képeim

Stresszoldás One Brain módszerrel a III. és XVI. kerületben

Balajthy Gréta Tel: 06 309 323 338

A 3in1Concepts által hivatalosan  meghatalmazott,
nemzetközi okleveles Haladó Konzulens, Haladó Instructor ( Oktató)

Okleveleim, tanáraim 2004-2014

Email: mosoly100@mosoly100.hu


Stúdió: Budapest, III.ker (1036) és XVI.ker (1164)